Michael White Notice


(January 16th 1936 - March 7th 2016)

Michael White passed away at his home in Ojai, California on 7 March 2016 at the age of 80. He died of heart failure about 8 weeks after being told he required surgery that he was probably too weak to survive. In true Chalky spirit, always cheerful and optimistic, he greeted many old friends and family members in his final weeks, happy to be taken out to a nearby restaurant for lunch and good conversation.  His funeral was held at Brentwood Cemetery where fittingly he now lies among the stars who were a feature of his wonderful life. To honour his memory, we should all be determined to live our lives to the fullest as he did in his magnificent lifetime. Vale Chalky. The most famous man you’ve never heard of . . .....The Last Impresario.